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Kata Blanka Vas

2022 Hungarian National Champion Cyclocross

Hungarian CX National Championships 2022

Cyclo-Cross 2021/22

During the winter, many riders jump on a cyclo-cross bike to roll, run or even stumble through the mud and snow. That's fine with me, those races are fun to watch, full of action and only last about an hour. The courses are short, so the riders roll by my camera many times before a winner is declared.


2. AC su misura - Bikeride cyclo-cross Magyar Kupa

Kőbányai Bringapark Kupa 2021


Bicycles have been an important part of my life for more than forty years. From racing to manufacturing, I've experienced many facets of this sport. It is still very exciting for me to go to the races. Recently the UCI Europe Tour has been my favorite hunting grounds. The racing is good, the athletes are anxious to move up the ladder and the organization of the races is excellent. But being able to photograph any aspect of cycling I find very rewarding, regardless of which type of bicycle is being used.


Mountain Bike



The Budapest CAC

The last stage of the 2021 Tour de Hongrie was a giant criterium in the center of Budapest. The riders raced around mounuments, crossed tram tracks, passed by stadiums or in front of townhouses with their enthusiastic residents cheering them on. It was a 9 lap course for a total of 97km through the city.


In Central Europe, rally racing is very popular. There are WRC championship races, but there are also a lot of regional races. These regional races are what I find fascinating. The top cars are R5 from Škoda or VW, but most of the drivers are steering older cars. These cars are Lada or Škoda, maybe some Audi or BMW's with an occasional Moszkvics or Trabi. The fans are numerous and usually there to cheer on some local driver. There are always people cooking along the side of the race course, and there is more than enough alcohol to go around.

Citroën WRC - Róbert Bútor


The ultimate challenge. Head to head in combat with the sole purpose of landing the punch that will turn out the lights for the competitor. Years of preparation are tested the moment the ref hails "Seconds out!" followed shortly thereafter by the opening bell. The fight may go the distance, yet many bouts end with that same referee slamming a hand on the canvas next to the defeated athlete.

These photographs were made in small local gym, with mostly young fighters, using boxing to either get them on track or keep them there. Their cornerman is a dedicated companion who carries the physical markings of an intense boxing past. He explains that the guy on the bag has a belt, and that kid over there is about to have his first appearance in a Budapest ring. Some of the youngsters are new, and there is a girl who never wants to actually box in a ring at all. She told me she has other reasons for being there, but did not elaborate.

Anita, from the local fight club

She is a soft-spoken mother of two with a successful day job kind of career. But in her spare time, well, she just loves to kick ass. This photo essay explains how that's working out for her.



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